The heavens

The heavens whistled through the blowing wind
As the sky followed me with great ease
The sun and the moon looked on as spectators
I stood surrounded by vanishing clouds,
Everything around me vanishing into the clouds
The heavens whistled through the blowing wind
Like a piano player
But with several layers
The heavens whistled and whistled
As tears drop from the skys
The tears became rain
The heavens whistled through the blowing wind


My demons

My demons have hunted me
Daunted me
Confronted me
Through it all I stood
Through all my dispute
And in things that I rebuke
My demons
Expose on shores
Without no clothes
In my passion and tears
In my sadness and despair
My demons have taunted me
Belittled me to the world
Displayed me like a furniture
And turned me into caricature
My demons were my weakness
In the face of adversities
My demons lie bare
True colors to the fore
My demons have fought against me for years
My demons could make or break me
My laughter in tears
My sadness through happiness
My demons

Divided politics

The clouds of divided politics is making a mistake
Making the whole spectrum sadistic  and sick
The left and the right
The have and the have not
Twisted this all up in a knot
To a point there is no way out
We are all stuck in a political circle between these two refined evil
Both sides point fingers they are like farts that lingers
When will this end
When will they bring this all to an end
Stop the pretense and revenge
The clouds of divided politics is making a mistake
The reds and the blues
A lot of shouting  and boos
A lot of bickering and abuse
Nothing will change till the nothing grew some sense
The clouds of divided politics were a war zone
Constant bickering and constant dithering
Lobbyists and special interests have a stronghold on candidates
So we can’t get a date
Because money speaks the language of politics and that of candidates
They can’t even gave us a break
The clouds of divided politics is making a mistake

My wounds

My wounds  on show
As my feelings  grow
As the doubt set in and blood  circulate in my veins
My wounds were my battle scars
In all I have endured
In all that encompasses me
I have tasted  life harsh realities
My wounds on show like a stormy clouds in an inclement weather
My wounds  on show

Guns and nightmares

Of guns and nightmares
Of those that cling to guns for safety
Of the outcome of guns
Of the atrocities plagued by
Of their race and creeds
Of what they stand for as a race
Of guns and nightmares
Of in fighting and self hating
Of the politics they which to uphold
Of the blood spilled and carnage caused
Of political divide and of the hatred deep inside
Of guns and nightmares

O! Life O! Life

O! Life O! Life
Of the difficulties endured
Of love ever more beautiful
Of men and weman in love
O! Life O! Life
As beautiful as life is
Life speaks in difficulties and in ease
Life is difficulties and ease
Peace and war were emblematic of life
O! Life O! Life
Life crawl through the human soul like antes crawl on leaves
O! Life O! Life
Of the struggles in life
Of the good and the bad
Life blanketed war and peace
Just as poverty blanketed life
O! Life O! Life


Happiness in your eyes
A look of happiness in your smiles
A smile of happiness is written on your face
The happiness in you makes the world see a beauty in you
A beauty that is hidden from the world
As the world unearthed these beauties in you
Happiness is like the beauty in you
The lights of happiness shine in your eyes
Happiness were the beauty in you
Happiness in your eyes

The world

The world walk over people like trains
As the sky look at people with deep disgust
The sky stares and stares as the stares became rain
As clouds form and rain fall like thugs take to the streets
The world look on as evil ravages the streets
As blood spills and cop set up barricades
The streets became darker as blood spills walk on sidewalks and into stores
Broken glasses littered the streets vicinity
As hope escape through the city
Chaos set the streets ablaze
Smoke emanates from parked cars
The wounded became the streets as chaos deepens
Many on stretchers with pain
The world walks over people like trains


Kindness is in all of us
In the best of us
And even those of us that are not Saint
Kindness is in the darkest of souls
In the darkest of places
It embodies the human condition,
The human spirit
Kindness exist wherever there is poverty
It exist in turmoil
Kindness is like the air that so many breath
At times kindness speaks in voices
The air of kindness were a lamp of hope
Kindness is like the light on our faces
Kindness is in all of us

The troubled youth

The troubled youth
Walk through a troubled streets
Where troubled speaks
Where troubled paraded on city streets
Of which guns speaks
Where drive by tires screech
In a place where there is no glimpse of peace
Where two warring factions despised detection
A troubled youth
Strolled through streets strapped from head to toe
Searching vehemently for foes
Troubled lingers on corners
With those holding onto burners
A troubled youth
Hunted down by cops like prey
Tension rise as the troubled filled the streets
The troubled became a component of the streets
The troubled were the streets
These troubled speaks through different colours and creeds
The troubled does not seem to ceased
The troubled youth