The impossible

The impossible
Many have used the word impossible to describe something they cannot do
Something they cannot see through or something difficult that they cannot solve
But I see the possible in the impossible almost everything in life is plausible
The negative minds see the impossible while the positive minds see the possible
The impossible
Just because someone says something is impossible does not make it impossible to you
There impossible is not your impossible
So there’s a possible in the impossible
At times the impossible speaks with big loud speakers
The impossible is like two roads
One frequently travelled
The other one less travelled
Sometimes the negative mind feels troubled when faced with the impossible
The impossible
the impossible speaks to him in ways no one has ever spoken to him before
In ways he has not seeing or heard before
The impossible is all in the mind
Impossible speaks to the mind
The impossible became a state of mind
The impossible


Peace be the day

Peace be the day
As peace appeared on the horizon
Dressed in different strips of clothing
the finest of clothing
Peace walked around like a man with a point to prove
Spoke in subtle fashion
Spoke with passion
As if peace were a fashion
Peace be the day
Peace filled the air as the air became at peace
The air breeze through city streets with cold and heat
In dust
With burning heat
In cold
With freezing temperatures
Peace commandeered a sinking ship to shore
Peace became the day
Peace be the day


As great and as beautiful as love is
Love lead you on and on
And break you down
And break the inner most best of you
And turned you into a more careful being
In loving anyone again
Love they say revive and awaken the sensitive side of anyone
But I say love is a medication for some
And a destructive illness to some
As great and as beautiful as love is
Love breaks your heart like a broken glass
Love in my humble opinion is a broken glass
Love live and breath in everyone of us
As great and as beautiful as love is

Cling onto hope

Cling onto hope
Like a rope
A rope hanging from the sky
The sky roam around wearing different colour clothes
Different colours but who knows
Cling onto hope
In despair
At a point of no return
A point when you are very low
Cling onto hope
So that despair may vanished in the distance like a man
Cling on so that hope may encourage you
To keep on striving
To keep on fighting the good fight
Till there is a light at the end of the tunnel
A light called hope
Cling onto hope
Because hope can get you through anything
Whether be it difficult
Or be it easy
Hope is a light
Cling on till you are no longer hanging onto a rope
Cling onto hope

What’s life?

What’s life?
Some say life is hard That life leaves you scars
But what’s life?
Without hardships and pain
Without passion and indifference
What’s life?
Without obstacles
Without the have and the what have you
The deceive and the deceitful
What’s life?
Without the rich and poor
The young and old
The strong and the lazy
The beautiful and the ugly
What’s life?
Without the killers and their killings
The stabbing and the shootings
What’s life?
Without love and hate
Without education
What’s life?
Without success
Without power and greed
What’s life?
Without governments
Without law and order
Without peace
What’s life?

I see beauty

I see beauty
In everything
In the air I breathe
In every living things
The stars in the sky
The birds
charping was like music to my ears
The rain falling was as thick as snow
I see beauty
In you my love
In your smiles
As I sit and realized that the world is an emotion that I see beauty in
I see beauty in
The soul of a human being
The complexities
The over all core of the human beings
Whether good or bad
That is for me to decide
What I see beauty in
I see beauty
In the world
The world is a dramatic play with many unfolding stories
I see beauty

A kiss from a rose

A kiss from a rose
A quiet moment shared
As tension fill the air
As doubt set in
And views become profound
A kiss from a rose
A beautiful rose
So beautiful that she became a sunlight in my life
O rose! Thou as lovely as the heavenly sky
Thou possess a kiss so pure and heartfelt that could make the heavens howl
A beauty so previous than diamonds and pearls
A kiss from a rose
So sweet is her lips
So sweet is the kiss
The sky followed her like paparazzi with cameras
A kiss from a rose

A cold breeze

A cold breeze
Blew through
Blew nothing but the truth
Nothing less
Nothing more
A cold breeze
Float in the air
Along side despair
As nightmare
Stare into the eyes of despair
A cold breeze
Came in calm
Came in cold
Walked like a bird
Spoke then took off
In tin air
In came despair
Laced with fear
A cold breeze blew through calm waters
A cold breeze

O love! To whom I love!

O love! To whom I love!
To whom I cherished more
To people that have experienced it
In a fulfilling way
In a more appropriate manner
O love! To those in love!
In love with sun on their faces
With beauty in their eyes
With fortitude
And with determined mind
O love! To those who have not experienced it
Or experienced it to a fuller extent
To those who love ended with hurt and regret
To those who love were a nightmare
O love! To those who love walk out on them
To those who love spoke to but in an incoherent fashion
To those who love is like an ever shinning light
O love! To whom I love!
More and more
By every passing moments
By every summer breeze
And by every winter storms
O love! Love littered life and breed happiness
O love! To whom I love!

O sky! O sky! O sky!

O sky! O sky! O sky!
Cloudy is the sky
Inclement weather
Weather hangs like a carrying umbrella
Rain falls excessively
On and on
And so it begun
O sky!  O sky! O sky!
The cloudy weather looms
A deceitful and ravaging storm,
Ravaging on and on
Lightening light up the sky
Camera flash after camera flash
Cloudy is the sky
O sky! O sky! O sky!